What if my home needs repairs?

I had a fellow come in today concerned he might have a problem qualifying for a Reverse Mortgage loan, because his home is in need of some repairs.  He explained that his fence in the backyard needed to be replaced as well as his electrical and plumbing needed some repairs.  He didn’t have the funds […]

Real Life Examples of Reverse Mortgage Loans

We just finished a Reverse Mortgage Loan for a couple in Spicewood, Tx that needed a little extra money each month to pay for their medicare supplement insurance through to TRS (she was a teacher).  His pension did not include any health insurance, and her supplement insurance premium jumped up to a surprising amount.  Her […]

Why Do Folks Get a Reverse Mortgage

I had this question from a friend in Ft. Worth just this morning, “Why do people get a reverse mortgage?,” and the answer is there are many reasons.  The most common reason is homeowners have used all or almost all of their saved retirement money, and they fear they will run out of money in […]