Real Life Examples of Reverse Mortgage Loans

We just finished a Reverse Mortgage Loan for a couple in Spicewood, Tx that needed a little extra money each month to pay for their medicare supplement insurance through to TRS (she was a teacher).  His pension did not include any health insurance, and her supplement insurance premium jumped up to a surprising amount.  Her health precluded shopping for another company, so they needed an extra $525 per month.

We went to work and when we finished they were actually able to have an extra $700 per month, which they decided would allow them to take a trip once a year to Denver where their grandchildren are.

We were so glad to help ease their concerns, in fact, this is what makes us excited every day….who can we help today?  We try to be problem solvers, helping seniors have a better retirement.

We helped a widower in Horseshoe Bay find a way to help his grandson pay for college at the University of Texas.  We helped a retired railroad employee and his wife find a way to help their single parent daughter with three children pay some medical bills.

In Lubbock we have helped countless people move from worrying about running out of money at the end of the month to having a little extra spending money before their next Social Security check is deposited.

Can we help you?  We count it a privilege to assist people from all walks of life.

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